What makes STYLEWORKS® products unique is our ability to create product lines that are both stylish and tough enough to stand up to everyday use. It is this combination of aesthetic appeal and heavy-duty durability that make our branded items both desirable and preferred.

Our Tough lines of products are made in the Heart of the USA in Winfield, Kansas. We understand that hardworking and hard playing individuals need products that both look good and stand up to the forces of day-to-day activities.

All STYLEWORKS® products are manufactured by Western Industries, Inc. using high quality large part Blow-molding machinery. Our manufacturing process ensures only the highest quality plastic products leave our building, taking all of the bumps and bruises out of your buying decisions. Our goal is to provide you with the most attractive and robust plastic products available in the marketplace today.

Western Industries, Incorporated has been in business for twenty-five years making many of the brand name
products that you use today!